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Articles and News

Obsessed by the Harp!

by Pamela Simpson (Clancy)


Well, I am nearly 75 years old, played piano all my life and at one time the guitar. Now the arthritis put a stop to that. Then my Celtic roots spoke up, I am after all half Irish, born of Irish/English parents in England. I always wanted to play the harp, figured I'd better get going as I am running out of time. So I bought a Heather harp, 3 octaves. What an education I am getting (I am already eyeing the next size of 4 octaves). My family thinks I have lost it! I can't put the bloody thing down and I teach myself as best as I can. I am wildly looking for a local teachers just to know that I am doing the right thing. So I am obsessed by this lovely little instrument. My family think I am really ready for the funny farm! I tell them, to get into Heaven it might help if I have a skill they need

AMEROPA Summer Chamber Music Festival

by Veronica Mascaro

Hello, I am a flutist living just north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am on the faculty for a chamber music festival in Praque, CZ. The festival is looking for harp students to participate in it's summer program. If you are interested, please contact me and I'd be glad to send out a brochure...in the meantime please check out the festival website at www.ameropa.org



New Pieces for either Pedal or Lever Harp

by Elizabeth Volpé

I have recently composed three short solo harp pieces, which I premiered this summer. They were very well received, so I am having them professionally copied, and they will be for sale as soon as they are back. They are "The Downstairs Spider", "Fall in Vancouver" and "Spring in Vancouver". They work equally well for pedal or lever harp, and they are at about intermediate level of difficulty. The whole set lasts about six or seven minutes. They are very melodic, with some nice flashy bits that show off the harp. I am charging $10 Canadian plus postage for the set of three.

Available from Elizabeth Volpé at evolpe-bligh@telus.net


Bringing Back my Harp

by Kathryn Sayre

Just so you know this is directly from a story I am writing called Bringing Back my Harp. I hope you like it. "I'm proud to introduce to you Kathryn Sayre" Mrs. Austin anounced. As I walked on stage I could feel my heart pounding. It's only about a thousand people. Nothing to be afraid of. Just don't look out. What ever you do, don't look out. My eyes didn't listen. I saw there faces, judging me. Still, I continued on and smilled sweetly; bowed down; anounced my piece; sat in my stool; took a deep breath; fixed my pedals; checked my peddles; checked my music; brought back my harp; placed my hands on the strings; took another deep breath; and let loose. The crowd suddenly disapeared; no, by brain disapeared; I disapeared. Slowly, Slowly, i told myselfe. Don't rush. My harp, an extention of my body, played. my pedal changes were swift and quiet. G#, A, C#, E#. Pedals! Turn E# to E. Turn C# to C- BANG! I LOST CONTROLE! i LET THE PEDAL SLAMM UP! Consontrate. I'm almost done. I'm almost done. Go away brain.B, D, G#, A. G#, NO! No!. E, not G#! What's that? Aplause? OH yeh. I stood up; bowed down; and left the stage. "You did great Kat"Gabbie told me."Way to go!" "But what about my mistakes?" I asked. "Didn't you hear them?" "Yes but for now it's all good. You were really brave to do that. And anyways, what is one note worth?" "Thousands of dollars if it's the right note." I added. "But what about slamming the-" I stopped myselfe. Mabey, just mabey she hadn't heared. "The what dear?" she asked "Nothing." I said.



Harp as Therapy

by Victoria Lidmark, instructor

My husband, Calvin is a very good therapist. He can assist healing to his clients. The harp has been used as a healing tool historically. As a harp instructor, I would like to see more elderly take up the harp as a hobby of leisure, a new challenge, and comfort. The use of one's hands to keep them creative, learning a new skill, and for memory enhancement, and to bridge the abstract and concrete minds, are beneficial. I enjoy teaching children and young people and continue to do so. However, I really feel the mature adult learner will benefit by the harp. Adult learners make good students of the harp. My new email address and phone contact number: victoria.lidmark@lfsco.org Daytime: 719-314-0738. Evenings: 719-325-6769.


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