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The recordings and gifts you sell here will also be sold in the HarpGigs.com store!

For a low fee we will display your item for sale in the harpteachers.com store and sell your items for you!
  • Drop-Shipping - We sell your items in the  HarpTeachers.com  and HarpGigs.com stores for you. Once sold we send you a shipping order and payment for the item. You then send the item to the customer who bought the item.
  • Sell on Consignment - You ship us a few of each of your items displayed for sale in the HarpTeachers.com and HarpGigs.com stores. After we sell and ship an item we send you the payment for the item. This way you don't have to worry about filling each individual order and shipping to each individual customer. We ship all items bought from different sellers in one single package/shipment.
  • You sell Direct to Customer - Sell your items by phone, mail or fax directly to each customer. We will place that information with your item for sale. Send us a picture, description and price of your item. And send the phone or/and fax number and/or mailing address where customers can order the item. You must provide your own payment service.

Listing Fees

Drop Shipping and Selling on Consignment:
  1. $5.00 one time only setup and processing fee for each item.
  2. A percentage of the price of each item sold. This will cover PayPal transaction fees, handling and processing each sale.

Direct Selling by Telephone, Fax or Mail Order Form:

  • ADD $6.00 per item annual fee to add your telephone, fax, and your mail order form link next to your item for sale. No percentage is charged on items that are bought directly from you by phone, fax or mail order form.
Submit Items for Sale!
Please send a description and a picture of the item you wish to sell to sell@harpteachers.com
We will review the item and get back in touch with you to:
  1. Approve the item for sale.
  2. If approved we will request payment and sales information to process and place the item in the HarpTeachers.com and HarpGigs.com stores.
An Item for sale must be new. Used items will not be accepted.



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