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HarpTeachers.com and its associated domains pointing to HarpTeachers.com are one service. The following is our privacy policy:
Information Collection
1. We collect personal information when you voluntarily sign up for HarpTeachers.com services. We do not sell or rent any information.
2. We do not collect or keep your Credit Card information on the  HarpTeachers.com site. That information is processed via a secure server on the PayPal site. Refer to PayPal's User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
3. We use your personal email to communicate with you. We have your consent to communicate with you by email as many times as necessary.
4. The public can contact you via email, telephone or any other way, depending on the information you provide on your profile or any other services on HarpTeachers.com.
5. We reserve the right to use members' photographic images and content to promote the HarpTeachers.com site.
6. We reserve the right to reject and/or discontinue any profile listing or other service, for any reason.
Content Ownership
1. You own your Profile Page content provided by you. You are responsible for keeping back-up records of that information.
2. Your Profile Page displays on our public pages. You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the content of your Profile Page.
3. Content you contribute to HarpTalk.com Message Board remains the property of HarpTalk.com. HarpTalk.com therefore reserves the right to erase any messages for any reason.
Editing and Canceling your Profile Page
1. You can edit your profile page information at any time. A fee for approval and processing may be charged.
2. You can cancel your HarpTeachers.com registration and profile listing at any time from the updates page. Fees paid are not refundable. To list your canceled profile page again, you have to register again and pay the registration fee.
3. To renew your registration at the end of your subscription year, use the renewal feature on our updates page. 
Privacy Policy Amendments
1. We may periodically amend this policy and without notice.


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