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1. Renew Your Advertising Service:
To renew your advertising service for another year please select your advertising package and submit your annual advertising payment:

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15 cents

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20 cents

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30 cents

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50 cents

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2. Upgrade to a Better Advertising Package and Get More Students:
To Upgrade to a better advertising package please sign up for the package of your choice under register. If you upgrade to a better advertising package but your current yearly advertising has not yet expired, we will prorate and credit that towards your upgraded advertising package and extend it's running time accordingly.
3. Change Advertising Information:
Please email any changes you would like to make to your HarpGigs.com to harpteachers@harpteachers.com
4. Cancel Your Advertising:
To cancel and have your advertising removed please fill out the Cancel Form.
Note: Your (remaining) annual fee is not refundable since it covers the work involved in processing your listing, and the advertising work associated with your listing. It's just like a harpist who would not reimburse a client for a gig already played. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this policy please email us.


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