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A Decade of Your Life all in One Place!

Plan, record, and review your daily  activities for 10 years all in one place... a real time machine! Remember the past, record the present and plan the Future. Glance at 10 years in one page with its 365 day pages... four lines per date per year from 2009 through 2019 making it easy for the busiest person to keep a journal. Just imagine that on May 15, 200X, you're wondering what you did or were thinking on that same day 6 years ago. It will be written right there on the same page! A glimpse at the past! It also includes short- and long-term planners, goals and review sections, monthly overviews, address and telephone log, a 12 year calendar and much more. Elegant Forest Green leatherette cover with Gold embossed lettering. Size 7-1/2" x 10-1/4" x 1". Also makes the perfect gift for anybody.


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10 Year Journal 2009 - 2019
11 Years all in One Journal!
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  • Green leatherette cover with paper sleeve around it.
  • Gold embossed cover.
  • Capacity to record 11 years.
  • Acid-free paper pages.
  • Smyth-sewn binding.
  • 365 pages in journal section for each day of the year.
  • Monthly planner and organizer.
  • Contents section.
  • "How to Get the Greatest Value from the 10 Year Journal" section.
  • Adaptable graphic symbols.
  • Each day page divided into yearly sections from 2009 to 2019.
  • Four lines allotted to each year.
  • Carry-over pages for longer notations.
  • Double-size phone/address pages.
  • Planning and goals section.
  • Keeping track section for noting medical, automobile, and other topics.
  • Special dates section for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Each measures 10-" high X 7-" wide.
  • Printed and bound in Japan. Packaged in the USA.


The Perfect Journal for Anybody

"I keep a very busy schedule, travel all the time, and am booked years in advance. This Journal is the only recorder I've found that lets me plan the future far enough ahead."

Jim Jackson


"I was looking for something exactly like this 10 Year Journal. My hobby is gardening. so far, I've been using a blank notebook to track seed planting dates, weather, and daily growth records of prized vegetation. This 10 Year Journal makes it much easier for me to record all of these things."

Katherine Dormand


"I'm pregnant. My husband and I will use this Journal everyday to record the baby's development and my health. We'll use it to record the baby's growth, medical records, doctor's visits, his first words and everything else he does. Once the baby's grown, we'll be able to share it with him."

Akie Crabdree

Expecting Mother

"Four lines for the daily notes section makes journal keeping so easy and fun, without feeling the obligation of filling a whole page, as I did with other types of journals. It's so much fun to create my own personal history book so easily."

Paul Williamson

World Traveler

"I'm an avid movie fan, and I rent a video almost every other day. I write the name of the movie producer and the main characters, the year it was released and my personal comments about the movie. This 10 Year Journal movie is my most important asset."

Kelly Morris

Movie Lover

"I jog everyday. I've been keeping a record of miles, weather, and my physical conditioning everyday for the last 22 years. However, I've lost or misplaced much of my record keeping. With the 10 Year Journal I can continue my jogging records and review them for the next ten years. I wish I had this book a long time ago."

Mike Stone


"In your family, it is not a personal journal; it's a family record journal. My husband and children use it too. I review it all the time and sometimes have to remind my husband that he's playing too much golf."

Mrs. J. Tomi


"Many projects I'm involved in for clients last several years - IRS audits, financial planning, interfacing with other professionals, seminars, the 10 Year Journal is the perfect organizer for these projects. It assists in keeping track of billable hours and is an excellent record keeper for me and my associates."

Jeffrey Stolberg


"My granddaughter gave a 10 Year Journal to me for my 80th birthday. The inside design is user friendly and makes record keeping a journal fun. I plan to live at least 10 more years to complete this wonderful journal."

Ms. Nanun


"For so many years, I've been using a yearly organizer my husband received as a premium gift and passed on to me. They take up lots of space and it is so inconvenient to check things in the past, so as soon as I heard of this product, I grabbed it."

Ms. Smith



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