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Why Become A HarpTeachers.com Member? Because you want more harp students! - HarpTeachers.com is dedicated entirely to increasing internet exposure for Harp Teachers, Universities and Schools.
Why pay to get listed? - Unlike other free harp teacher lists, HarpTeachers.com is advertised online and in selected magazines giving everyone listed on HarpTeachers.com prominent paid publicity! More harp teachers listed on HarpTeachers.com will give everyone listed more advertising, exposure and publicity. So join this advertising pool and get expensive publicity for next to nothing. If you first go to HarpGigs.com and sign up as a Performing Harpist, you automatically get a totally FREE Harp Teacher listing on this site. If you're only interested in teaching simply sign up on this site.
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The Price is Right - You can choose the monthly listing package that fits your advertising budget, starting at
only 15 cents a day. If you're a HarpGigs.com member you get a totally FREE listing. Now that is advertising, exposure and new students costing you absolutely nothing or next to nothing, depending on your advertising choice.
Marketing Network - HarpTeachers.com with HarpGigs.com provide a premier international marketing network for:
  • harp teachers
  • performing harpists
  • harp students
  • harp gig clients
  • schools and universities with harp programs
  • providers of harp related products and services
Profile Page - Your own online profile page and unique URL address. Each registered harp teacher or university/school receives a profile page with a unique http://www.harpteachers.com/YourName web address.    
Exposure - Today, more then ever before, the internet is becoming the first step for finding information and selecting services of all kinds. With internet access at both home and office on the rise, people are increasingly going online in search information and services. HarpTeachers.com is the most obvious place for people to look for a harp teacher.  
Save Time, Save Money - Students will be able to see your online profile page and hire you through HarpTeachers.com with the click of a mouse. HarpTeachers.com saves you money and time by providing a cost-effective way for you to increase your internet presence and obtain more students.  
Targeted Users - Through our focused traditional media and internet advertising HarpTeachers.com generates targeted users in search of harp teachers and universities.    
Contact System - Services are set up for students to contact registered harp teachers and universities/schools directly. You can choose the method by which you want potential customers to contact you: email, telephone, fax.  
Web Site Security - We do not collect or ever see your Credit Card information on the  HarpTeachers.com site. That information is processed via a secure server on the PayPal site. We collect only the profile page information which you voluntarily post on your profile page. We do not sell or rent your profile information.  
Payment Options - Pay online with a credit card through PayPal or pay by mail with check or money order.  
Harp Teacher & Student Conferencing  HarpTeachers.com provides a live chat room where you can arrange to meet with your prospective students to discuss  details live on the internet.  
Your Students Pay You Online - You can add your own PayPal payment system to your profile page. This way students can make payments directly online into your own PayPal account. You can add the payment system to any of the membership packages for only $24.00 (US) per year.  
Advertising - Advertise your recordings, books, sheet music and anything harp related with the Gold membership. When people see that you have harp recordings, they may perceive you as more professional and choose you over another harp teacher who is not listing anything. And they may also buy your stuff!  
Sell Your Recordings - For a low fee per item you can sell your recordings and harp related items directly in the HarpCatalog.com and the HarpGigs.com online stores.  
Post Events - Post your events free on the our calendar.  
News, Articles & Harp Tickles - Post yours free in the Teacher Lounge!  
Profile Type Identification - Your profile type identification will indicate the amount of information displayed on your HarpTeachers.com profile. It's not in any way a rating of a harp teacher, school or university. Each page containing profile type identifications includes an explanation of it's meaning.  
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